When you work for a non-profit organization, there is an increased pressure to account for every dollar spent. That means you might be tempted to cut some of the basic perks and comforts of working in a for profit business, among them corporate catering services. While a daily executive lunch might warrant concern in any mission-focused business, there are a number of important occasions where catering services should be employed.

In this post, we identify some of the most important occasions during which non-profits should use catering services.

  1. Board Meeting
    The board meeting is one of the most important events for any non-profit meeting. Your board is directly responsible for the direction, function, and financial well-being of your non-profit. And all of these services they provide for free simply because they believe in your cause.

    A well-planned catering menu and a comfortable meeting room are essential to facilitating their continued efforts on behalf of your non-profit. With these perks in place, your Board of Directors can focus on the many complicated and important matters that face your business and your mission.

  2. Fundraiser
    You have to spend money to make money, the old saying goes. That is certainly the case with your major fundraisers. Whether you’re having a formal dinner or a silent auction, it’s important to pamper your donors with high-quality hors d’oeuvres and other tasty treats.

    It might be a simple step, but even the lightest refreshments show an extra level of care and appreciation that your clients will appreciate.

  3. Employee Appreciation
    Even more than your board of directors, your employees are your primary agents of change and of fulfilling your business’s mission. It’s important that you take the time to express your gratitude for the efforts they undertake, often at a significant pay reduction from what they could earn in the for-profit sector.

    While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, 86% of businesses with an employee recognition program saw a serious increase in their workers’ happiness as a result. And happy workers mean productive workers.

Fiscal responsibility is important for all businesses, but especially for non-profits. Still, you should give yourself the ability to splurge for certain events. Hopefully, this guide has given you a clearer idea of when it is important to treat yourself, your community, and your staff to something special.