Post engagement comes the real work…PLANNING your big day! If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, we have some great tips below that can help you out!

  1. Decide on a Budget and Stick to It!
    • Your wedding budget will be the driving factor for the majority of your wedding related decisions in upcoming months. If you have family members contributing chat with them about what they are comfortable spending. If you are personally contributing decide on that number with your partner.
  2. Determine What is IMPORTANT.
    • Once you have that magic number prioritize your wish list. Sit down with your partner and decide on the most important aspects of your wedding day. Maybe you want to focus on food the food or bar offerings? Maybe you have the most perfect venue in mind? Maybe you want a live band? Be willing to compromise on those other details and vendors. This will help you stay on budget.
  3. Take Things One Step at a Time.
    • Get organized, put together a wedding planning schedule and do things one by one in logical order. (You can find some great planning timelines on websites such as Wedding Wire or The Knot) For example, don’t hire your DJ before you have confirmed your venue is available for your desired date. Once you make a decision move on to the next, don’t second guess yourself!
  4. Hire Professional Vendors.
    • As you are selecting your Vendor Team meet them, read reviews, ask them if they have worked with the other vendors you are considering. Your wedding vendors should be your go-to experts during the planning process. They will have the best advice when it comes to wedding day timelines, budget advice and guidance. Professional wedding vendors make a huge difference when it comes to a seamless execution of your planning.
  5. Enjoy and Be Present!
    • When the big day arrives enjoy it! You just spent months putting time and effort into the planning and coordination. For some couples this means having a first look of the venue before guests arrive to see your vision come to life. Maybe your family has traveled in from various locations, spend time with them!