Having a custom menu allows you to pre-plan meals for your guests, so you don’t have to worry about them on your big day. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to invite a huge number of people with varying food preferences. If you’re still unsure whether to get a custom-made menu or not, here are some benefits to having one to help you decide:

Caters to Guests with Dietary Restrictions
As the celebrant, you’d naturally want to create a satisfactory experience for your guests. This means taking into consideration any dietary restrictions that they might have. A custom menu from your caterer lets you do just that.

During the planning process, reach out to your guests to determine if any of them have food restrictions based on allergies or abstentions due to a lifestyle choice or religious practice. Curate a customized meal plan based on the information you gathered. This way you wouldn’t have to stress about who can’t eat what on your wedding day.

Enables Cost-Effective Meal Planning
Wedding catering prices is an important factor when it comes to planning. With a custom menu, you can predetermine how much food should be allocated for each guest. Moreover, it will prevent you from going beyond the budget you’ve set for food.

Saves a Lot of Time
If you have a huge guest list, tending to each of their food preferences can be time-consuming. Surely, you’d also have other things to worry about like your wedding venues in Lexington, KY and gown. By opting to have a custom menu, you can present your guests a trimmed list of choices that allows them to select their preferred meal in just a matter of seconds.

Satisfy Your Guests with Good Catering in Lexington, KY
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