Planning your picture perfect wedding menu should always be a fun and exciting part of the overall wedding planning process. In fact, 56% of brides are most interested in providing excellent food at their wedding. That being said, some couples see it as a challenge, especially if they have vegetarian or vegan friends they want to keep in mind as to not make them feel left out. But it’s important to know that you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality of ingredients in order to accommodate for your guest’s dietary choices! There are plenty of delicious dishes that don’t require meat or animal products.

Here are just a few ideas for coordinating a wedding menu with your vegetarian and vegan guests in mind.

Take Advantage of Substitutions
Many meat-eaters may be surprised to hear just how many meats and other animal products can be replaced with plant-based alternatives. For example, the jackfruit is just one exotic food that’s growing in popularity due to its ability to be cooked to perfectly resemble authentic and traditional pulled pork. A number of vegetarian/vegan wedding caterers have been putting this technique to the test, and their clients are always pleasantly surprised by the results and the uncanny resemblance. Don’t be afraid to discuss this option with the chef putting together your catering menu!

Know What’s In Season
This isn’t just an idea to satisfy vegetarian guests, but it can also save you some serious cash when it comes time to foot the bill for your wedding catering services. Taking advantage of seasonal fruits and veggies when putting together your wedding’s appetizers such as veggie trays can be a major advantage for guests as well as your wallet. Not only will your guests be able to indulge in some of the freshest seasonal veggies around regardless of their diet, but you can often get better deals on wedding or corporate catering services when you consider what’s currently in season.

A Dinova survey recently revealed that 78% of corporations include vegetarian options at their corporate events, and the number of people who require meatless food options is growing fast. Ultimately, keeping these simple ideas in mind can serve as the building blocks to putting together the picture perfect wedding menu to satisfy all guests.