Planning a holiday party is no joke. You need to decide on a venue, a dress code, and about a million other things, including your catering menu. You caterer likely has a wide variety of items for you to choose from, but it’s on you to create a holiday party menu that not only dazzles, but makes sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.

But how can you create a menu that does it all? Keep reading to find out.

Understand Your Guests
Before you can make appropriate menu selections, it’s crucial to fully understand each guest’s profile. Consider the age, profession, and interests of your attendees. Are you catering to an older group of professionals? Are your guests all millennials from a young, hip company? These things are incredibly important for you to consider as you begin planning your holiday party menu. Let’s take a look at a few examples of guest profiles you might come across:

  • Older Attendees – A milder, simpler menu may be a good bet.
  • Health and Fitness-Oriented Attendees – Individuals in the health and fitness world may prefer lighter, more health-oriented dishes.
  • Young/Middle-Aged Attendees – Spicier or more adventurous menu items may be preferable to these guests.

Plan for Variety
No matter how well you understand your guests, there’s no way a single dish can please absolutely everyone. In order to please the most people at one time, it’s important to plan for variety in your holiday party menu! When in doubt, use the following guidelines:

  • Offer at least two different entrees for your guests
  • Include more than three dressing options for salad
  • Keep condiments on the side
  • Offer more than one dessert
  • Provide more than one non-alcoholic drink option

If you play by these rules, your holiday party menu should be well on its way to pleasing every guest in attendance. But there’s one final touch you need to consider.

Choose the Right Catering Services
Ultimately, the quality of your menu depends on your catering services. Any wedding menu or corporate catering occasion is the measure of the caterers involved. The U.S. catering industry employs an estimated 261,189 people, which means choosing a single company can be a challenge.

If you want the highest quality catering services for your holiday party in Lexington, KY, contact Bayou Bluegrass Catering today.