What keeps you motivated!? Do you have a specific goal in sight or daily routine?

One thing that we like to do at BBC like to look back on our busiest days. We like to reflect on how we did, what we could do better and make plans to improve on these things or be more efficient.

Check out the list below of our favorite advice on motivation, goal setting and productive habits!

  1. Morning Routine. Complete a task within the first hour of your day. This starts your day with a WIN! Your starter task could be going to the gym, reading, meditation etc.
  2. Set REALISTIC Daily Goals. Write down a few things you will accomplish each day both personally and professionally. The key is making sure these are meaningful tasks and ones that can be accomplished in a day.
  3. Set Measurable Long-Term Goals. Long term goals could take months or years to complete. Create checkpoints for yourself to keep motivated.
  4. Take Care of Yourself. Motivated people tend to get the right amount of sleep (7-8 hours), exercise and practice healthy eating habits. Implement some of these practices and see how much better your body and mind feel.
  5. Spend a little time each day pushing away the laptop and cell phone. Leave time to interact with friends or family, engaging in hobbies or other activities you may enjoy.
  6. Continuous Learning. Take some time each week to learn about your industry. Watch a webinar, start a book, network with other professionals.
  7. Limit Time with Negative People. People who continually find fault, place blame and nit pick are toxic. They drain emotional energy from others and usually do not realize it. If you can limit your time with these peers you will be surprised how quickly you get back to feeling motivated and ready to tackle your goals.
  8. Be a Source of Positive Energy. With motivation you really get what you give. Be encouraging!